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How do we calculate Unprompted Awareness?

How is Unprompted Awareness asked?

We ask Unprompted Awareness in the format: "Which [category] brands have you heard of?"

How do we calculate Unprompted Awareness from the responses?

A consumer can type any brand they have heard of. It's natural for consumers to spell brands wrong or call them something slightly different.

For example:

  • One consumer might write "Adidas"

  • Another might write a typo: "Adidaas"

  • Another might write "Adidas shoes"

Since these responses are short and simple, we utilise an algorithmic approach to link the responses to specific brand names.

Specifically, we use an algorithm to check how close the response is to the expected brand (for the nerds out there, we calculate something called the Jaro-Winkler distance to see if two responses should be linked).

  • Our algorithm would recognise that "Adidaas" is close enough to "Adidas", and would match the two.

Raw response export

Customers can view the Unprompted Awareness data and our matching process by downloading the raw responses from our Survey Details page.

  • This raw response lists all responses received from Unprompted Awareness, even they haven't been matched to a brand.

  • We can easily update our matching to account for records that aren't being matched.