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How often are the imagery "bubble" words updated?

We’re constantly (daily) adding new responses to the imagery bubbles. The bubbles will adjust to show the most common responses. 

Note that the imagery tab is cumulative, meaning that it presents the most common responses from all responses received (rather than just the responses received from one month to the next).

Why have my bubbles changed significantly?

When we first start tracking a brand that has relatively low awareness, we would expect to see this change quite a bit over the first few months and then settle down as the overall sample size rises. 

For example, if relatively few people have said "local", it might soon be overshadowed quite significantly by people that have said "good". 

We're exploring ways we can show brands how their imagery changes over time (e.g. every 3 – 6 months). This is something we'll be working on later this year.