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Can a small brand ever win in a particular statement up against a bigger competitor?

The short - yes.

The long – custom statements are an additional module brand leaders use to understand where they rank on 5 key brand pillars. This tab tells you the percentage of respondents who agree with the statement for your brand e.g., 25% of respondents agree that Brand 1 is easy to use, whilst 3% agree that Brand 2 is easy to use.

Because statements are asked of all respondents who are active in the category, the result for any given brand on any given statement is a combination of both awareness and the strength of association with the statement.

In one way, this makes it easier for bigger brands to score higher (due to stronger market share and awareness), but also makes it easier for smaller brands to score higher (due to the niche appeal and single-mindedness of the brand).

The end result? Data that makes it possible for challenger brands to rank above incumbents - and an excellent measure of brand health against the value propositions your brand wants to win in.