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My data is insufficient, what do I do?

We want to make sure you can always trust the data.

When you change the demographic or date filters in Tracksuit, we run a check on how robust the data is.

There are two options to be able to see more data:

  1. Combine your filters

  2. Go to the Funnel page and select a wider date range

#1: Combining filters

Instead of selecting one age demographic (such as 18 – 24), you can combine it with another age range (such as 25 – 34) and get a wider set of data.

#2: Widening the date range

Instead of viewing the data on the Timeline (which always requires a 3-month roll), you can go to the Funnel page and select a wider date range.

  • Instead of selecting "Last 3 months"

  • You could select "Last 6 months" or choose a custom date range (to see the last 4 months of data, for example).