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The split of genders on the Profile Page isn't what I expected. What's going on?

Comparing Funnel data to Profile data is like comparing apples to pears sometimes.

  • In the Funnel page, we look at data that shows ‘of those aware who are [demographic x], what percentage are aware of [brand x]’.

  • Whereas on the Profile page, we are looking at data that shows ‘of those aware of [brand x] what is the [demographic] split’.

This will likely match the national proportions unless the category or brands skew in a particular direction.

The way to use this data is to see if there are big differences between your demographic distribution and your competitors.

Why is there a difference in the data?

  • A trend that we have been seeing is that males dominate awareness for low-awareness brands. Across Tracksuit (and most other market research firms), we see a trend where males are more likely to say they are aware of a brand than females. This is because females tend to have a higher threshold of whether they would say they are aware of a brand or not and will only say it if they are fully confident or have a level of knowledge of the brand.

  • This is backed up by our "knowledge level" data where we can see that while males are saying they are aware of these lower-awareness brands, they have a very low depth of knowledge (they have only loosely heard of brands).

  • While the data is still reliable and accurate, due to this trend, it's difficult to make any major decisions based on the gender split until the brand reaches around 20% awareness, which is when we start to see females start to be more confident in their familiarity with the brand and we start to see more realistic gender splits.