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Tracksuit's API

The Tracksuit API helps you to connect Tracksuit data with other reporting tools (like PowerBI, Looker, or Tableau) or with other data sets (like sales data or media spend).

This documentation provides guidelines for integrating with our API using the authorization header as the authentication mechanism.

3-month rolling averages

All of the data presented is matches what is displayed in the dashboard.

I.e. the data displays 3-month rolling averages which is the same as the Tracksuit dashboard. We do not provide daily, weekly or monthly data.

Accessible data

The first version of the API allows you to access all Funnel metrics across all date ranges, competitors, and demographic filters. 

The API does not currently include: Statements, Profile, or Imagery data.

Authentication Flow

#1: Obtain API Key:

To integrate with Tracksuit's API, you need to obtain an API key. We will provide this to you securely.

#2: Include Authorization Header

In every API request, include the Authorization header with the value set to Bearer YOUR_API_KEY. Replace YOUR_API_KEY with the actual API key you obtained in the first step.

Available APIs

The Tracksuit API is built in accordance with OpenAPI standards, ensuring a standardized and developer-friendly approach to API design and documentation.

The OpenAPI Documentation Link below provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and interacting with our API using the OpenAPI Specification. OpenAPI, formerly known as Swagger, is a standard for documenting RESTful APIs.

Server Base Path