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Looker (Data Studio) Integration

Tracksuit has a custom connector for integrating with Looker.

This connector isn't published in Looker's marketplace, but can be accessed by this link:

👉 Link to Tracksuit's customer Looker connecter

3-month rolling averages

All of the data presented is matches what is displayed in the dashboard.

I.e. the data displays 3-month rolling averages which is the same as the Tracksuit dashboard. We do not provide daily, weekly or monthly data.

Accessible data

The first version of the API allows you to access all Funnel metrics across all date ranges, competitors, and demographic filters. 

The API does not currently include: Statements, Profile, or Imagery data.

Available APIs

The Tracksuit API is built in accordance with OpenAPI standards, ensuring a standardized and developer-friendly approach to API design and documentation.

The OpenAPI Documentation Link below provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and interacting with our API using the OpenAPI Specification. OpenAPI, formerly known as Swagger, is a standard for documenting RESTful APIs.

Server Base Path

Using the connector

Use this link to access the connector.

You will be taken to a configuration screen where you will need to input an API token.

  • For your token, paste your bearer token which can be generated from the Tracksuit App

Choosing your account_brand

Once you have provided an API token, click "Next" to see all of the account_brands that you have access to.

Configure your initial filters

There are three filters for you to confirm initially:

  • Filter: This is your chosen demographic (e.g. "Female").

    • If you don't want to filter for a demographic, select "TOTAL". This loads data without any demographic filtering.

  • Wave Start Date: This is the date you want to start pulling data from.

  • Wave End Date: This is the end date for your data. Put the most current month.

Create a report or explore the data set

Once you have finished the configuration, all the data for the given configuration will be pulled from Tracksuit into Looker.

You can then create a report or explore the data set.

  • Brand Name: The name of the brand we have data for (surprisingly!). This might be your brand, or a competitor brand.

  • Category Name: The name of your category.

  • Filter: The demographic filter. Set this to "TOTAL" to ignore demographics.

  • Question Type: Allows you to chose different Funnel metrics:



    • USAGE


  • Percentage: Your results in percentage format (e.g. Awareness of 40%).

  • Population: Your results estimated as a number (e.g. Awareness of 40% might equate to approximately 10 million people being aware of the brand).